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A good extension can quickly help you understand various aspects of product data on various e-commerce platforms. Now, we recommend a 1688 image search extension to everyone, which allows you to quickly search for the same products on various platforms while understanding the price trends of products, greatly improving your work efficiency and helping you avoid many detours.

The front-end functions of the extension include: searching for the same products on multiple platforms, historical prices of 1688 products, tracking product prices and receiving notifications when the prices drop, currency conversion, image downloading, image translation, screenshot translation, historical prices for Shopee/Lazada/Amazon/eBay throughout the year, AliExpress comment analysis, embedded buttons, download review images, purchasing agent, dropshipping, and add to comparison.

1.Searching for the same products on multiple platforms

Supports up to 31 domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms that can search for the same products with images:, 1688 Cross-Border, 1688 Lite, Taobao, Taobao Lite, Shopee, Alibaba, Aliexpress, JD, eBay, Pinduoduo, Pinduoduo Wholesale Edition, Yiwu Shopping, Google Lens, Searching for styles, Wildberries, Hangzhou Women's Clothing Network, Four Seasons Constellation Network, Netshoes, 17 Network, I Love Shoe Search, Taoyang Network, Baoniuniu, New Style Network, 91 Home Textiles Network, Yiwu Small Commodity City, Looking for Home Textiles, Children's Business Network, Clothing Collection, Cloud Car Products, Juyi Network, Naver, Shein

You can refer to the source prices of multiple platforms according to the image search results, or it can be used as one of the ways to view competitors.


2. Historical prices of 1688 products

This function allows you to view:

You can view the product price history of the past three or six months on the Toolbar and product details page in the lower left corner.

You can view the price history of the past three months on the product search list page.

The highest and lowest prices of the product are at what time.

3. Tracking product prices and receiving notifications when the prices drop

This function allows you to choose to track the price of the product for three months, six months, or one year, and will send a price reduction email to the bound mailbox when the price is lower than the collected price.

You can view the list of products you are tracking in your favorites.

4. Currency Conversion

Supports three methods of product details page, image search results, and selected price, and you can choose the currency you need to convert in the extension settings.

You can also click on the currency conversion option in the secondary menu to perform the conversion.

5. Image downloading and image translation

Click the menu button in the extension Toolbar to download images.

If you need to translate the Chinese in the product picture into other languages, you can select the image that needs to be translated and click on the image translation for translation, etc.

6. Screenshot Translation

Click the right mouse button to select screenshot translation, and you can translate the text on the picture into multiple languages.

7. Yearly price history for Shopee/Lazada/Amazon/eBay

Click on the "Price History" button in the lower left corner of the product details page for Shopee/Lazada/Amazon/eBay to select and view the price history for the past year, as well as the number of orders.


8. Comment analysis for AliExpress

This feature is only available for AliExpress product pages. Scroll down to the product description and click on "Comment Analysis" to view the percentage of product sales in different countries/regions, as well as the option to view data for different time periods.


9. Embedded Buttons

●On the product details page, there are two buttons in the upper left corner for copying the link and sharing a screenshot.


●When opening a product details page, there will be a coupon prompt.


10.Download Review Images

Supports two major platforms, AliExpress (all sites) and Simply click the "Download Comment Images" button on the product review page to download the images, or export them as a CSV file.

11.Purchasing Agent

Select the "Proxy Purchasing" function from the bottom left menu or click the icon on the product detail page to be redirected to the website's proxy purchasing page. This feature supports 1688, Taobao, Pinduoduo, and Tmall platforms.


Select the "Dropshipping" function from the bottom left menu or click the icon on the product detail page to be redirected to the website's dropshipping page. We currently support Coupang and Shopify stores, with other platforms under development. This feature supports 1688, Taobao, Pinduoduo, and Tmall platforms.

13.Add to Compare

Select multiple products to compare their information, including prices, titles, links, images, and supplier information. This feature currently supports, 1688 Cross-border, 1688 Lite, Taobao, Taobao Lite, Pinduoduo, Pinduoduo Wholesale, AliExpress, Alibaba (official comparison page), Shopee, and Ebay.

The comparison results can be exported as a CSV file by clicking the download button in the upper right corner of the comparison results page.

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