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Auto pet feeders are gaining popularity at present, the demand for auto pet feeders has soared, 

main reasons has followed,

1.“Convenience at your fingertips”: The Auto pet feeder offer a hassle-free solution for pet 

owners by automatically dispensing food at scheduled times, ensuring that furry friends are fed 

even they are away.

2.“Save time, feed your pet automatically” : Intelligent feeding instead of traditional methods. 

Even you are rest, your furry friends will receive their meals on time, every time. 

3.“Say goodbye to overfeeding” :Maintaining a regular feeding routine is crucial for avoiding 

damage of obesity. By setting precise measurements, you can prevent overeating and maintain 

a healthy weight for your feline companion.

Discovering why choosing us isn’t merely a choice through follow reasons,

①Helical structure design to prevent the food stuck. Double protection, except the self structure, 

you also can remote control it by phone easily. 

More widely getting through diameter, up to 15mm, suitable for most pet food and freeze drying 

in the market.

②100%ABS all-new material with high quality, not mixed material, which is more durable and 

corrosion-resistant than others.

③10s voice message commands, recording voice remote control even outside.

④Dual power suppl. Power adapter priority for uninterrupted feeding, or use 3AA batteries as a 

backup power source,ensuring pet gets fed during power outage and internet cut off.


⑤Fully certification, we’ve got many international certification, like 


Confirm to the Japan quality standard, surpass the international standard.

⑥30w-400w pixels support, that can capture high quality picture and video

⑦App video teaching class, exploring different perspectives along the way. Manual service for you, 

providing a personal touch that cannot be replicated by automated systems. 

⑧Superior high quality motor


We broken down to three categories, App camera version, App Wifi version, Manual version

App camera version type

Are you still worry about can't get touch in your pets when you away? Don’t worry, it would 

helps you that our launched new one camera version. 

①Real-time video interaction conversation, support night vision. Using your smartphone to 

access live video with your pet in real-time, enabling them to check in on them, talk and play 

to them, even you are in miles away.

②Automatically video edit. Self-developed algorithm to precise recognize pet, not confusing 

with human. 

③Clouding storage for videos support. Automatically recording when a pet appears allows for 

convenient and immediate viewing. 

④400w pixels monitor, supporting customization of 30w to 400w pixels. Single or Binocular 

camera, supporting smooth, overlook, recording angle is more free. 

⑤Protect your privacy. Limited video angle design, only capture the video around bowl, safeguard 

your personal space and prevent unauthorized access to your images and videos. 

⑥Easy to connection and sharing users. Auto search connections in 60s, no need to scan code. 

The feeder allowed to share with limitless person, that means all of your family and friend can 

synchronize and monitor the pet’s situation together, also can set up feeding schedules and 

routines collectively. Camera type and Wifi type both have this function. 


Not only does real-time video interaction provide peace of mind for pet owner, but it

also provides a sense of comfort and familiarity, many pets experience separation anxiety when 

their owners are away. Being able to see and hear their 

Timed and Quantified Feeding: 

-Camera 400w pixels (Jilink app):

Set a schedule for 1-99 meals per day, with each meal containing a maximum of 12 portions, approximately 8+2g per portion.

-Camera 100-200w pixels and wifi type (Tuya app):

Set a schedule for 1-8 meals per day, with each meal containing a maximum of 20 portions, approximately 9+2g per portion.

-Manual type 

Set a schedule for 1-5 meals per day, with each meal containing a maximum of 19 portions, approximately 9+2g per portion.

Discover the Power of OEM/ODM service! 

Our team of experts have more than 10yrs experience with independent research and manufacture capability. We can customize the products for you with your any idea, including the: PCBA main board, Logo, size and style, color, other popular styles, 

Our core technology and efficient production processes allow us to offer competitive price without compromising on quality. Also time efficiency, with our streamlined processes, we ensure timely delivery, helping you stay ahead of the competition. 

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