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At present, many Chinese shopping websites, including Taobao, cannot support multiple languages. Even if we switch regions, the page is still displayed in Chinese, as shown in the following figure:


Therefore, foreign users will have many inconveniences when using these websites for shopping, and they cannot translate the content they want to know in real time, resulting in more time spent on the shopping process. Therefore, at this time, there is an urgent need for a tool that can translate instantly to help foreign users shop on Taobao. Then, [AliPrice Shopping Browser] is a very good choice.


This software can not only provide you with the function of instant translation, but also provide the following functions: same-style search, keyword search and coupon acquisition. Below I will use the Korean version of Taobao as an example to explain in detail how to use each function.

First enter the home page of the app, and then click Taobao to enter the home page of Taobao. At this time, you will see several icons appearing in the lower left corner of the page. These icons from top to bottom are: translation, keyword search, image search , coupon display.



Next, we will tell you how to use each function one by one.

①Translation: When you first enter the Taobao page, all the text is still displayed in Chinese, you only need to click the [Translate] button, all the Chinese on the page will be automatically translated into the same text as your mobile phone system language (as shown in the picture below), so that you can smoothly browse important information such as product titles and details, without switching back and forth between pages and translators, which can save a lot of time.

And not only the product page, but every other page with text will be translated for you, you don't need to use other translation software, it is very convenient to make purchases smoothly on Chinese shopping websites.



②Keyword search: If you suddenly want to see other products while browsing a certain product, you can directly click the [Keyword Search] button and enter the name of the product you want to search.

Here, you only need to enter the language you use, and the software will automatically translate it into Chinese for you before searching. You don't need to translate into Chinese and then paste it into the search box, which is very convenient.



③Image search: This function can help you quickly search for the same product. You only need to click on the currently browsed product page to search for the same or identical products on Taobao and 1688. Using this feature, you can find products at even lower prices, which can save you a fortune. And at present, the image search function on Taobao computer has been closed, it is very troublesome to find the same product, but after downloading this software, you can easily and quickly search for the same product with a lower price.



④ Coupon display: Click this button on the product page, and you will get a coupon that can be used when purchasing the product. If the coupon does not pop up after clicking, it means that there is no coupon that can be used for this product, and you need to buy it at the listed price. If you get a coupon, please use this coupon when you pay to save you another money.



These are some simple instructions on how to use AliPrice Shopping Browser. Using AliPrice Shopping Browser can provide you with a lot of help when shopping in Taobao/1688 and other software. If you have any comments or suggestions on the experience, please leave a message below the article. The software is currently only available in the ios version. If you need the Android version, please leave a message in the comment area below the article. We will continue to improve the user experience in the future. Thank you for reading.