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Consolidation method

After shopping on Taobao, what we need to consider is what means to use to deliver the goods to our own hands.

Generally there are two methods:

1. Use Taobao's official shipping/official direct delivery:

Add your overseas delivery address and use this address when paying, then select the shipping method officially provided by Taobao, and wait for the goods to be delivered to your hands.


You can click【Details】behind each method to learn about the price, charge and harvest method of each method, for example:


This picture shows the details of the consolidation that can be used at the overseas address I have chosen. Please check it carefully before choosing the mailing method, and then choose the most suitable method for your transportation after understanding.

(1)If you choose Taobao official direct mail, then you only need to pay the cross-border postage at the time of payment and wait for the goods to be delivered. 

That is: place an order for goods → pay for the goods and postage for direct delivery → wait for the receipt of the goods.

(2)If you choose Taobao Official Consolidation, you will send all the items you purchased to the consolidation warehouse after placing the order, wait for the warehouse to weigh and calculate the postage and pay together, and then send these items to you together. 

That is: place an order for the product → pay the cost of the product body → send the product to the consolidation warehouse → combine the products you want to transport together, calculate the postage and pay → wait for the delivery.


1) It is recommended that you remind the seller to fill in the delivery address information of the transit warehouse correctly, and do not modify any address information, in case the package cannot be normally signed by the transit warehouse due to the address problem.

2) In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of the goods to your hands, please be sure to fill in your real name in the recipient information section.


One-stop shopping + transportation, easy to operate, you can track the whole process of logistics on Taobao.


There are many types of embargoed goods, and slightly sensitive goods cannot be transported. The packaging of the goods is not so rigorous, and there is no service for unpacking and inspection.

2. You can also choose to use private shipping (ie, third-party shipping):

Add your third-party shipping company's warehouse address, and use this address when making payment. After all the items arrive at the other party's warehouse, provide your delivery address, warehouse packaging, select the transportation method, pay the postage, and then wait for the goods to be delivered to your hands. Can.

The third-party shipping methods include: DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS, etc., you can choose the one that suits you for transportation according to your needs. Below I will briefly describe these ways for you.

EMS: If the items you need to transport are small and do not require high speed, you can choose to use EMS, which is relatively cheap, but the service and shipping time are not so prominent in comparison.

FedEx: If you need to transport a large amount of goods and the region is in Southeast Asia, then you can choose FedEx as your first choice. 

TNT: If you need to transport some more important items, and you are not so concerned about the price, you can choose TNT, which has faster speed and stronger customs clearance ability.

DHL: There is no weight limit, and the aging is very fast.

Advantages: Free unpacking reduces unnecessary costs, can take photos to check the goods, and can provide other additional services. And compared to official shipping, it can also support some sensitive air transport.

Disadvantages: Logistics dynamics can only be queried on the website of Consolidated Shipping, and prices are unstable and change at any time.

The above is my brief description of official consolidation/direct delivery and third-party consolidation/direct delivery. If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment area, and we will continue to upload more detailed articles for explanation.