How to choose products on Taobao

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1. The first step:

There are generally two ways to select products on Taobao:

①Select products through Taobao homepage recommendation or homepage classification.


agent101652954618.png②Select products by searching keywords by yourself


2. The second step:

Click on the product you want to buy and select the size and quantity you need on the product page.



① here is: I don't need to choose other products, I will pay directly.

If you click ①, it will jump to the following page. (The detailed payment process will be written separately later.)


② here is: I have other items that need to be selected, please add them to the shopping cart and pay together later.

If you click ②, it will jump to the following page.

On this page, you can choose:

(1) to return to the page of the product you just browsed; 

(2) to go directly to the shopping cart for settlement.